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Travel Photos by Matt Wakem

   Traveling is one of my true passions. I love exploring new destinations, taking cruises, learning about other cultures and marveling at landscapes far different from what I would find in my own backyard. I suppose that's also why I enjoy looking at travel photos. And let me tell you, the best travel photos really transport me—I can smell the air and hear the noises just by looking at them. One of my favorite travel photographers is Matthew Wakem. He's not a household name as far as professional photographers go, but I think that's one of the things I like most about him. While you may find his work on the walls of various people "in the know" in New York, California and Connecticut (like me) or on the pages of magazines like Condé Nast Traveler, for the most part, his images are not overly publicized. In fact, looking for his travel photos is like an exploration in its own right. But I'm sharing his web site with you in the hope that you are as captivated by his images as I am:
   In the mood to take a trip to Bali, sail the seas off Antarctica or dive in a pool amidst a luxurious tropical backdrop? Visit the website and enjoy.



The emotional exhilaration of landing in Israel is comparable to none. “It just feels like home. I remember when I was a little girl I could not wait to walk down the stairs and touch the airport ground. The flight into Israel is superb. It is certainly one of my great travel emotional experiences”.

According to budget traveler the following is on top of their list:

Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Princess Juliana International Airport is one of the most infamous—and photographed—in the world because its runway starts on a peninsula just hundreds of feet off St. Maarten's shore. "The airport is framed by the beautiful water to the right and front, and the hills that rise in the background," says Captain Bob Raleigh, the Miami chief pilot for American Airlines. He got his start flying fighter aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps and has been with American since 1986. Landing in St. Maarten stands out to Raleigh not only because it's visually stunning, but because zooming in low over the sand gives passengers a uniquely friendly welcome. "People stand on Maho Beach and wave as you pass over them—very closely and quickly."

Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
"My favorite approach of all was into Mammoth as a storm darkened the Sierras to the west," remembers Doug Winston, a pilot of 26 years based in Bakersfield, Calif., who has flown private prop planes into this tiny, one-runway airport and is the co-owner of a Cessna Turbo 210. "The contrast of dark clouds and mountain rock with the bright-white snow backlit from the east was mesmerizing—especially since we had started the flight in San Diego over the sunny beach and ocean of southern California," says Winston. "It was like flying to a different planet." Now anyone can experience the thrill of arriving at Mammoth Yosemite Airport in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas; it was opened to commercial planes in 2008.

Hong Kong
Asia's cosmopolitan high-rise jungle won over flight attendant Susan Fogwell, a 14-year veteran who's based in New York and works for a major U.S. airline. "Even as often as I've flown, there's still a sense of the wow factor landing there in a huge 747," says Fogwell, who writes about her flight experiences for the Huffington Post and other publications. "On approach, the plane feels like it's in slow motion over the South China Sea. Looming up ahead is Hong Kong Island, where the skyscrapers are incredibly high, very close, and way too numerous to count." Beaches can be seen to the south, and to the north is Victoria Harbour, which separates Hong Kong and Kowloon islands. "It's almost surreal to see the ferries and boat traffic crisscrossing among such immense congestion," says Fogwell. "Even during the day, the colorful neon lights are on, which has an eerie effect when the city is cloaked in smog—and at night, blazing with lights, Hong Kong is definitely dreamy."

Queenstown, New Zealand
Sydney-based Owen Zupp may be a first officer for Australia's national airline, Qantas, but he doesn't let national pride cloud his admiration for the drama of landing at Queenstown Airport on New Zealand's South Island. "On a clear day, the 7,500-foot peaks of the Remarkables mountain range are reflected in the glassy surface of Lake Wakatipu, and it's easy to see why the area was picked to double as the mythical Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings," reflects Zupp. "It's undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking areas around which to fly." The sheer number of ways to take to the skies—from aerobatic joy-flights to parachute and heli-ski operations—testifies to his good taste.

Jackson, Wyo.
Jason Gunter, a corporate pilot of 11 years who has worked for American Eagle Airlines, gets a thrill any time he's assigned to Jackson Hole—whether he lands among the snowy peaks in the height of winter or the green- and yellow-tinged meadows in the summer. "Jackson Hole Airport is at the base of the Tetons, and the airport itself lies within Grand Teton National Park," says Gunter. "The arrival gives you beautiful views of the mountains and is followed by an approach right up the valley, where you get a close-up look at the Snake River."

After a long night flying over the black of the Atlantic, the china clangs in the galley as the crew prepares for the breakfast service. "That's when you smell the coffee and lift the window shade," notes Heather Poole, a flight attendant for a major U.S. carrier and author of Gadling's Galley Gossip column. "Morning light streams into the cabin, you squint as your eyes adjust, and there it is: land." As the aircraft descends, drawing nearer to Heathrow Airport, the view picks up momentum—from green pastures to suburban row houses to the spires, bridges, and landmarks of London gleaming below the clouds.

Do you have a place to land?

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I can’t stand lines and I really can’t stand airport lines! (That's why we focus on cruises) Jet blue, the innovative airline, is once again miles ahead of the game with a new Even More Speed program. It allows you to jump to the front of the line for just $10. This is the first time a passenger can pay for the privilege as a stand-alone fee. This particular Jet Blue program is being tested in 40 different cities throughout the USA. Do you think it’s worth it? Unfortunately I am one of those people that usually gets to the airport at the nick of time. Paying the extra 10 is an absolute bargain for me. However if you are one of those people that gets to the airport early, it might be worth saving the money and getting a shoe shine before takeoff.

Some of the airports that are testing this new program are: JFK and LaGuardia, O'Hare, Orlando, and both Dulles and Reagan airports in Washington, D.C.

How do you feel about this fee? Please let us know your thoughts.

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How to make the dreaded long flight go faster

If you're like me then you really despise getting on an airplane for a long flight. With this in mind I've compiled the list below to help your vacation start out a little smoother- with a comfortable flight!

Tune the world out: Bring a sleep mask, ear plugs, a cozy blanket and a pillow (Therm-a-Rest's Compressible Pillow is perfect for the plane). This will allow you to really relax and zone out.

Give yourself a workout: If you don’t have time for the gym, walk around the terminal till you exhaust yourself. I would then suggest doing a tiny bit of yoga to get into a Zen mode.

Get Cleaned up: I would bring some yummy face soap, a soft wash cloth, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a shirt change. It’s amazing how feeling refreshed can alter a mood.

Bring a beach ball on the plane: No, it’s not for playing but for relaxing. It is wonderful to blow up and use to prop your head against the tray table. It also works wonders as a foot stand.

Keep away from the kids: Avoid sitting next to crying babies (I can say this because I am a mother of two children so I pity anyone who sits by us) with a great app called SeatID. This Web app does social seating giving individuals the ability to see who else is on the chosen flight.

Plan out your trip with a TripList app: This app is essentially a packing and to-do list organizer for those who get away a lot.

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Like the title states, I've listed below several ways to keep your little ones entertained and engaged while traveling! Please drop us a line and tell us your ideas.

Create Great Art: Always bring art supplies while traveling. Encourage your child to connect with the cities that they are about to visit by creating similar art. For instance, on a recent Kosher vacation to Spain I showed my 5 year old pictures of Gaudi’s architecture and had her mimic it with play dough. Not only did this keep her engaged, it also taught her about a fantastic architect!

Talk about one person from each city and play games that incorporate that person: For instance on a trip to St. Petersburg we became obsessed with princess Anastasia (daughter of the last Czar). When my daughter finally visited the winter palace she became incredibly fascinated with the museum and wanted to visit every room the princess slept in.

When visiting a restaurant ask if you can have some pizza dough. This will entertain your little one for hours. Or bring a roll of aluminum foil and spend the day hours creating clothing for dolls, hats, flowers or anything you can imagine.

Play Marco Polo or create a scavenger hunt in museums. It will engage the child with the museum and make you happy!

Go to the dollar store! Get 20 items and give your child a little present each morning. This will keep them occupied for a little while and give you a chance to prep the day.

Talk to all the natives of the place you are traveling to. Ask your child to become a newspaper reporter. This will really allow your little ones to get to know the cities in an intimate way.

Below are some suggestions from Budget Traveler:

MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE NEIGHBORS Before I took my son on his first flight, I printed out stickers saying: "I'm sorry if I'm a little fussy. This is my first flight, and it's a bit overwhelming. My parents are doing the best they can, and they appreciate your patience. Owen, 8 months." I attached the stickers to candy bars that I gave to nearby passengers. We all enjoyed the flight!

FINISH UP YOUR HOMEWORK My kids often end up doing homework on the plane. To avoid having to pack a lot of paper in my carry-on, I create a makeshift dry-erase board by mounting a plastic sheet protector on a piece of cardboard. We slip math problems inside and work them out with dry-erase markers. We can wipe the surface clean and retry as many times as necessary without wasting paper.

BLOCK OUT THE NOISE To block out noise on a long flight or in a noisy hotel, I downloaded an 80-minute white-noise track from iTunes onto my iPod. I keep the track on repeat, and it works wonders. It was only $10—which is much cheaper than a sound machine or noise-canceling headphones—and since it's on my iPod, I don't have to pack anything extra.

VISIT THE SPA FROM YOUR SEAT Flights tend to dry out my skin and sinuses, so I always pack a rolled-up washcloth in my carry-on. During the flight, I ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water, then dip the washcloth and place it over my face. Breathing in the steam helps my sinuses, and the warm, damp cloth hydrates my skin.


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Want a Free Upgrade?

Some people will do anything—or say anything—for a free upgrade. Israeli airline El Al recently released a silly promotional video mocking the extreme lengths people will sometimes go to in the hopes of snagging a free upgrade. The video features such extreme tactics as a man bribing an airline employee with a stamp card for a free frozen yogurt, a woman who tries to earn a seating upgrade because she is obviously very pregnant, only to drop a basketball from underneath her shirt (nice try!), and a man claiming to be entitled to a free upgrade because his name is John F. Kennedy, and clearly the airport was named after him.

El Al also asked their flight attendants to share the funniest things people have said to try to get a free upgrade. Unlike the scenarios in the video, real travelers actually attempted these (though it's not clear if they were successful):

1. "I just got divorced and the guy I'm sitting next to looks like my ex."

2. "Can you please upgrade my mother-in-law because she is driving me crazy!"

3. "Can you please upgrade me [to business class] so I can meet a rich husband?"

The video advertises Economy Class Plus, where you can pay $150 more per person each way for more leg room, a foot rest, and reclining seats. The service is available on all flights to Israel from New York's JFK Airport and Newark and the airline plans to expand the program to flights from Los Angeles next year.

We want to know—just how far would you be willing to go for a free upgrade? Have you ever told a ridiculous tall tale to get a better airline seat? Tell us about it and your story may be featured in an upcoming blog post on KOSHERICA.

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