Dr. Yael Respler

Dr. Yael Respler is a psychotherapist in private practice who provides marital, dating and family counseling, and deals with problems in the intimate marital relationship. Dr. Respler utilizes cognitive-behavior therapy and hypnosis for phobias, smoking cessation, anger management and weight loss. Dr. Respler will be joining Kosherica on the January Spiritual Wellness Cruise!!

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Kosherica Announces “Kosher Stimulus Package”: 2009 Program of Five-Star Luxury Kosher Travel at Newly Affordable Prices

Kosherica, worldwide leaders in the Kosher cruise and tour industry, is proud to announce its “Kosher Stimulus Package,” a dazzling lineup of luxury vacations for Passover, 2009, and cruises year round. From breathtaking Israel to the razzle dazzle of Miami Beach , Kosherica is committed to giving its clients the most luxurious and delicious options, and this commitment has earned Kosherica its sterling reputation as the premier Kosher cruise and Passover company. Kosherica’s “Kosher Stimulus Package” provides a five-star vacation experience, plus Kosherica’s renowned Glatt kosher, cholov Yisrael, pas Yisrael gourmet meals, at affordable, recession-busting prices: Passover starting at $2150 and Cruises at $999!

AQUA SPA Day Spa is world's largest!

Discover the state of complete tranquility. You'll find it in our AquaSpa, the largest, most luxurious spa afloat. You will be caressed by the bubbling aqua jets of our Thalassotherapy pool, renourished by a soothing massage with heat from aromatic stones and rejuvenated by an exotic jasmine flower bath. Our spa rituals transport you to another place and time with the Egyptian ceremony of milk and ginger, the Tahitian ceremony of flowers and the legendary Hawaiian four-hands massage.