June 24 Alaska Kosher Cruise Coming Up Quick

April is already coming to a close, which means that summer is just around the corner. Time seems to be flying in 2012, and it's time to think about a vacation as the weather warms up.
Kosherica's June 24 Alaska kosher cruise is the perfect opportunity! America's grandest state is beckoning, and whether or not you've been before, Alaska always has more to offer. Eagles soar over massive glaciers, mountains and waterfalls while grizzly and black bears forage in the dense forests. The last true wilderness in the United States can be enjoyed from the comfort of a luxury cruise liner, departing from Seattle. With numerous day trips from the ship, whale watching and much more, Norwegian Cruise Line's Pearl will be your home for a week as you cruise through the beautiful Inside Passage. Rabbi Mordechai Shifman is Kosherica's featured Scholar In Residence and will add another level of excitement to the cruise. Learn more today!

When should you book your trip?

Everyone seems to have advice on the subject of the best time to book a trip, but what is the real truth? For every person that tells you to wait until the last minute for the best deal, another person will tell you that you should book as far in advance as possible. A new study was recently completed by the Airlines Reporting Corporation that compared hundreds of travel sites, airlines and agencies to finally reveal the best window to book your trip.

For domestic flights within the U.S., it turns out the most ideal time to book is roughly 6 weeks from the date of travel. The study gathered data from the past 4 years and found the average lowest price was in the "sweet spot" of 6 weeks. So, is the 6-week rule in play for international flights as well? The answer is no, as the study found that the ideal booking time was much farther in advance, in the range of 24 weeks from the date of travel. Although it's long been a tactic to try and wait for a last-minute sale for international flights, experts say that is becoming a risky approach with less chances of success than in previous times. A trip to Europe in the summer should be booked as early as possible, with fare increases common throughout the Spring. The ideal window is 21-22 weeks out for flights to major European cities.

If you're looking into traveling to the Caribbean to escape the cold U.S. winter (perhaps for a kosher cruise), plan on booking 11 to 12 weeks in advance. The most popular destinations, such as Costa Rica and the Bahamas, are exempt from airfare wars generally. Unfortunately, the fares are high year-round and deals are very difficult to come by.

Several tools are available to assist you in your airfare research. Bing.com offers a Price Predictor that uses algorithms to determine how likely a fare is to rise or fall during the next seven days. It applies to flights from more than 250 cities in the United States and to top domestic destinations and major hubs in Europe.

For the cheapest dates to fly, go to Itasoftware.com, which allows you to scan an entire month’s worth of fares. To buy, you must go to the airline’s Web site or online agencies like Travelocity.

Rabbi Mordechai Shifman On Alaska Cruise

RABBI MORDECHAI SHIFMAN has been added to the June 24 Alaska kosher cruise!
After studying in Jerusalem under Harav Yochanan Zweig Shlit'a, Mr. Shifman moved to California where he is currently the Head of School Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center in Sherman Oaks. In addition to seeing the beautiful scenery of America's wildest state, you'll be in the presence of an amazing scholar in residence. Learn more about this amazing Alaska kosher cruise today!

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