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By Yochanan Gordon

Glossing through the pages of Jewish Newspapers these days you'll find an extraordinary number of Rosh Hashana and Succos related ads. More than anything else, this means that schools are in full swing, the Yomim Tovim are upon us and the summer is fading further out of our purview.

During the heat of the summer the forecasters were already predicting the oncoming of the chilly weather earlier than ever, which probably means that you will be wearing layers in an attempt to keep warm during those night time seudos in the Succah. So with all the preparations required to host family and friends for an extended Rosh Hashana season, then again come Succos, and cold weather to boot, you will surely feel the need to getaway. The good news is that your vacation has been mapped out in its entirety and it is assured to be the most rewarding vacation of your life thanks to the folks at Kosherica.

The Kosherica team is looking forward to their greatest winter cruise season ever. Having spoken to family friends who went with my recommendation to travel with Kosherica for the first time to Alaska this summer, I understand that outdoing such a getaway would be quite a daunting challenge, but Kosherica has set a standard for outdoing themselves with each passing travel season, so there is no better time to finally experience a vacation the way it was meant to be - you certainly owe it to yourselves.

For almost two decades, the Kosherica family has been partnering with the worlds leading cruise-liners in providing the Jewish traveler with the opportunity to travel the world in five-star luxury, unparalleled kosher entertainment, dynamic and thought provoking scholars in residence and delectable kosher cuisine second to none. I like to call it therapy for the body and the soul. It is truly the most wholesome experience available.

This winter, whether you are looking to travel alone or with family, Kosherica is the most logical, convenient and rewarding option to travel with and the options are endless. Kicking off the winter cruise season is a Dec 25th Cruise which embarks from NYC to the Bahamas making stops at the beaches in Orlando, the private Island of Great Stirrup Cay and then on to Nassau before heading back to NYC. Given ten hours in Orlando and Nassau as well as seven hours to tour Great Stirrup Cay is plenty of time to bask in its beauty and see its historic sites before heading back to the Cruise ship and back towards the City. Oh, and If your worried about missing the snow in NY you could contact friends and family from the sun-filled, sandy beaches of Orlando and ask them where they would rather be.

On January 8th, 2012 Kosherica will lead a cruise to Asia. This a fourteen night cruise will explore the fascinating sites of Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China. China visas will be required for travelers interested in embarking on this particular cruise. This cruise has been until now uncharted territory as far as cruises are concerned, but it is indicative of Kosherica's innovation and ingenuity and it is what sets them apart from the rest of them.

January 22, 2012 marks Kosherica's annual Jewish Music Festival at sea. If your a fan of Jewish Music then there is nothing more you could ask for. This mid-winter cruise to the Caribbean features the Jewish worlds most talented voices including Avraham Fried, Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot, World renowned Israeli Broadway sensation Dudu Fisher and more. What is more unique than the concerts and the heartrending cantorial Shabbos tefillos is the opportunity to spend a week with the entertainers on a more up-close and personal level, an opportunity only made available on a Kosherica cruise.

If you were thinking of taking the kids along on mid-winter break this January 22nd Cruise to the Caribbean aboard Royal Caribbean’s, Allure of The Seas, the world’s largest and most exciting cruise ship to date. This will probably keep the kids as well as yourselves occupied to the point that you may have to fight with them to join you for the meals or for an excursion or two. The Allure of the seas boasts an impressive 28 ultra modern loft suites, 2700 rooms and 16 decks. It is the only Cruise-liner home to the Dreamwork's experience featuring the very characters from Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to train your dragon. Travelers aboard this ship will have the opportunity to pose for pictures and interact with the characters during meals and watch their respective three dimensional movies in a designated onboard theatre.

Kosherica spends endless attention to each nuance in its travel itinerary with the traveller in mind. Every new destination, scholar in residence and entertainer are leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

It's quite hard to fathom but all that is in addition to the intricately detailed schedule prepared by the experts at the Kosherica Family. From one season to the next the Kosherica cruises have been known to sell out quickly, so pick up your phone and dial 305 695 2700, 877 724 5567 or log onto and secure your mid-winter plans, you will thank me that you did but most importantly of all you will thank yourselves. Bon Voyage!!!

Jewish Cruises for ANY Season!

Everyone vacations for different reasons. Some enjoy the sun finding it best to relax in warm weather. Others like the coziness of the cold weather and feel winter is a perfect time for vacationing. Either way Kosherica is number one in Kosher vacations. Offering both Kosher summer cruises and Kosher winter cruises that meet each and every expectation of what a vacations should feel like. For more information visit and take advantage of our September special on kosher tours.

Gem Awaits...

December 25th Bahamas Cruise- Departing from NYC
Norwegian Cruise Lines: GEM
December 25th- January 1, 2012
7 nights

The perfect and most convenient getaway from the cold Winter weather. Warm up on a Glatt Kosher cruise as we explore the Bahamas. Outstanding programming, food and scheduling are always on tap on our Glatt kosher tours and adventures. This is an excellent cruise for families and couples.

“Our family just returned from a fantastic kosher vacation and want to thank you for providing such an amazing experience. We are extremely impressed at how everything was done so perfectly- a truly class act.” –Shawn Harris (Canada)
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