Kosher Cruise Passover 2011

Passover 2011 is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays of the year and starts Tuesday, April 19, 2011 and will continue for 7 days long until Monday, April 25, 2011. Some Jews may celebrate Passover 2011 on the sunset of Monday, April 18, 2011 in light of the Jewish calendar, in which holidays typically begin on the sunset of the previous day.

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Glatt Kosher Cruises and Tours in Alaska

With Kosherica’s amazing tours of Alaska, you’ll see its breathtaking natural beauty—Klondike gold, glaciers glowing blue and magnificent wildlife—from your vantage point aboard the five-star Holland America. Whether you’re touring the rainforests and fjords of Ketchikan, helicopering over the stunning Mendenhall Glacier or seeing whales up close, you’ll understand why Alaska is so sought after.

Alaska is unsurpassed for its breadth and beauty. Experience all that the Great Land has to offer with a Kosherica Glatt Kosher cruise adventure of a lifetime. These specially designed vacations offer Alaska’s favorite destinations and "off the beaten path" shore excursions at a great value. Cruise onboard an incredible ships and let us take care of your vacation in luxury and comfort. So simply relax and take the time to let Alaska’s wonders unfold before you.

Imagine standing on your private verandah and watching whales breach and eagles soar. Imagine being among the lucky few to spend a whole day in Glacier Bay National Park. Imagine traveling through Alaska’s sublime beauty and frontier ports in unsurpassed luxury and comfort.

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What To Do For Passover In Miami And Florida

Miami's full of great tourist destinations for visitors and residents alike! This list presents some great tourist destinations in our region.

1. South Beach
South Beach is the quintessential Miami hot spot. From shopping to partying, this area of Miami Beach is well-known for being a trendy locale.

2. Miami Metro Zoo

Miami Metro Zoo is fast becoming one of the best zoos in the nation. Its climate allows it to keep a wide variety of animals from Asia, Australia and Africa like no other zoo in the country. One of the first free-range zoos in the country, the exhibits is entirely cage less. Animals are grouped according to their geographic territory and animals that live together peacefully in the wild are placed in exhibits together.

3. Seaquarium
The Miami Seaquarium is located right in the middle of the tourist area, on the causeway between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. It's a fabulous stop where you can witness an outdoor aquarium experience that's only possible in our tropical climate. Be sure to budget enough time to spend at least half a day there!

4. Hit the Beach!
Miami’s beaches offer a great opportunity to get some exercise or just enjoy some time in the sun!

5. Everglades
With 1.5 million acres of swamps, saw-grass prairies and sub-tropical jungles, Everglades National Park is one of the most unusual public parks in the United States. Located on the southern tip of Florida, the park is home to 14 rare and endangered species, including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee. A large portion of the park is primitive, explored only by adventurists and researchers – but visitors have ample opportunity to walk, camp and canoe.

6. Miami Museum of Science
Check out the latest kid-friendly exhibits at the Miami Museum of Science. You're bound to find a learning adventure for the whole family. The museum is home to the Bird of Prey Research Center and the Weintraub Observatory.

7. Miami Children's Museum
If you have kids (or just like to act like them!), the Miami Children's Museum is a must-see destination. Their motto of "Play, Learn, Imagine, Create" shines through in the wide variety of interactive exhibits that allow children to explore everything from a supermarket to a television studio, picking up valuable lessons along the way.

8. Parrot Jungle Island
Parrot Jungle offers visitors a fun, educational opportunity to get an up-close look at tropical birds in replicas of their natural habitats. The attraction routinely hosts field trips and offers frequent educational programs.

9. Monkey Jungle
"Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild" - it's more than a catch-phrase. Monkey Jungle in southern Miami-Dade County is a truly unique park. While homo sapiens walk through carefully constructed wire pathways, many species of primates scamper above your head, swing through trees and interact with each other in ways difficult to observe in captivity. Keep your eyes open; you never know who's hanging around!

10. Coral Castle
Coral Castle is truly a monument to the uniqueness of Miami! This attractions was built by a Latvian-born Miami resident named Ed Leedskalnin as a monument to his lover. After 28 years of effort, he introduced his 1100-ton coral creation to the world. It's a bit of a trip from downtown, but well worth the time.

11. Vizcaya
No visit to Miami is complete without a stop at the historical 50-acre Vizcaya estate. This European-style mansion offers a glimpse at life in turn-of-the-century South Florida. It's also an extremely popular venue for galas, weddings and other entertainment events.

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