BERMUDA cruise added!

Hey cruisers! Kosherica Enterprises recently added a dream cruise to Bermuda! Departing from New York, this 7-day Kosher excursion to the tropical island with a British culture will take place July 25- August 1, 2010. Head over to the site for much more info!

Kosherica Cruises: Fabulous Destinations and Elegant Dining

Spending Shabbat on the
Aegean Sea with Kosherica
wasn’t any different on this huge
ocean liner than at any other
luxury hotel. For my wife and
me and nearly 100 others who
were aboard the Costa Fortuna
with its passenger load of nearly
3500, the kosher cuisine was
Offy Schiffman, part of
the family that owns Kosherica,
made sure that the visits
to ports in Italy, Greece and
Croatia amounted to more than
just a cruise aboard an elegant
ship. He and a team of mashgichim
oversaw a glatt-kosher
presentation that was sumptuous,
fresh, and creative.
Offy guards the kitchens
like a hawk to assure quality
as well as kashrus. It is standard
for Kosherica to have as
many as 6 mashgichim aboard
its cruises.

More pre-departure advice

Planning ahead
What are the benefits of taking a cruise vacation?
There are many benefits to cruising. Some of our favorites include all-inclusive meals, unlimited entertainment options, and traveling from one destination to the next from the comfort of your ship (plus, only having to unpack once). Rather than spending your travel time in a car or on a train, you can be watching Broadway-style shows, eating fine cuisine, swimming in the pool, and sleeping in your private stateroom.

Can I add a passenger to my stateroom at a later date?
You may be able to add another passenger, depending on the stateroom’s passenger capacity and the point at which you decide to add the passenger; however, there is no guarantee that the person can be added, or that the price would stay the same. If you would like to add another passenger, please call your Travel Agent.

Can I change a passenger in my stateroom?
Many cruise lines will not let you change a passenger’s name after you complete your reservation. If they do allow changes, a large fee will likely be tacked on to the change.

Should I upgrade to an oceanview or balcony stateroom?
Different passengers have different stateroom preferences. Some passengers book an inside stateroom in order to save money, especially if they're active types who spend little time in their staterooms. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time in your stateroom, we suggest booking one with an ocean view. You may want to splurge a bit and upgrade to a balcony stateroom. Many new ships now have a large quantity of balcony staterooms, making them more affordable than ever before.

How early should I arrive at the pier?
Ship boarding usually begins four to five hours before the ship is scheduled to depart, and all passengers must be onboard 90-120 minutes prior to departure. Check with your cruise line about their policy.