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In the winter experience the magic of the Orient on our Kosher cruises to Asia and Australia. Let all your cares slip away on our upcoming cruises while eating five star gourmet Glatt Kosher cuisine. Join Kosherica for exciting kosher tours through Australia and Asia. Explore the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Fiji, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Asia/ Australia Holland America- Orient & Asia Kosher Cruise 1/8/2012

Bahama Cruise from New York - December 25, 2011

Bahama Cruise from New York - December 25, 2011

Warm up on a Glatt Kosher cruise as we explore the Bahamas. Outstanding programming, food and scheduling are always on tap on our Glatt Kosher adventures. This is an excellent cruise for families and couples.

"Our family just returned from a fantastic cruise and want to thank you for providing such an amazing experience. We are extremely impressed at how everything was done so perfectly – a truly class act."
-Shawn Harris (Canada)

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Kosher Vacations Provide Peace Of Mind

Vacation should be a time of relaxation and fun spent with your family, with friends, or on your own. Regardless of how you travel or where your destination is, worrying about dietary conflicts and other potential hazards is the last thing desired. For this reason, many Jewish travelers have found respite in a Kosher vacation.
There has been a large growth in specialized travel agencies over recent decades, as interest groups have more ability to identify specialists that cater to them. Vacationers prefer to book with someone who shares their interests and needs, which has charged the growth of various travel sectors, including gay travel, senior travel, and singles travel, among various others.
The Jewish faith sets out certain dietary laws for food intake and preparation, which is what is referred to as “kosher”. These rules include specifications regarding how meat must be butchered, how foods are prepared and what can be prepared together, and restrictions on certain produce. Due to the strictness, some families require a custom-built kitchen to ensure their meals adhere to the guidelines.
Jewish cruises have largely grown over recent years. The internet has made information regarding these options more accessible, which in turn spawns business and drives the quality and growth of further ventures. Typically, these organized trips include the option of a tour group that frequents carefully chosen restaurants and hotels, or trips to boutique kosher resorts. There are options for individuals wishing to meet new friends and others that provide more accessibility and privacy for families with children.
When scheduling a trip with the help of a professional who is experienced in dealing with these specific needs, customers can feel well taken care of before they even leave. This removes planning stress and acts as insurance if there are any problems with the meals provided while on the trip.
For anyone who hopes to avoid anxiety over food and beverage restrictions while on holiday, Kosher summer cruises can provide an excellent, pre-planned option.

If you’re searching for a travel package with a different flavor, try out the kosher tours run through Kosherica? They lead a wide variety of cruises, excursions and other travel deals to many areas around the world. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Great Barrier Reef, and featuring both entertainers and scholarly presenters, Kosherica provides broad travel opportunities with a Jewish tint.
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Kosherica Comedy Cruise!

It's that time of year again. Treat yourself to an entertaining comedy Kosher Cruise.  See for yourself why this Kosher summer cruise is getting great reviews. There's still time to book this cruise, but don't wait too long it's only one month away!!!

Amazing Alaska Kosher Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Lines: Pearl

August 14-21, 2011

7 Nights - Kosher Cruise


Rabbi Moshe Bryski

Chabad of the Conejo in Agoura Hills, CA (see below)

                                             Kosherica Comedy Cruise:

Featuring Yisrael Campbell from the hit Broadway show "Circumsize Me" (see below)

Fun Things For Kids On This Kosherica Cruise (see below)

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