How to make the dreaded long flight go faster

If you're like me then you really despise getting on an airplane for a long flight. With this in mind I've compiled the list below to help your vacation start out a little smoother- with a comfortable flight!

Tune the world out: Bring a sleep mask, ear plugs, a cozy blanket and a pillow (Therm-a-Rest's Compressible Pillow is perfect for the plane). This will allow you to really relax and zone out.

Give yourself a workout: If you don’t have time for the gym, walk around the terminal till you exhaust yourself. I would then suggest doing a tiny bit of yoga to get into a Zen mode.

Get Cleaned up: I would bring some yummy face soap, a soft wash cloth, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a shirt change. It’s amazing how feeling refreshed can alter a mood.

Bring a beach ball on the plane: No, it’s not for playing but for relaxing. It is wonderful to blow up and use to prop your head against the tray table. It also works wonders as a foot stand.

Keep away from the kids: Avoid sitting next to crying babies (I can say this because I am a mother of two children so I pity anyone who sits by us) with a great app called SeatID. This Web app does social seating giving individuals the ability to see who else is on the chosen flight.

Plan out your trip with a TripList app: This app is essentially a packing and to-do list organizer for those who get away a lot.

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